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How COVID-19 Made Me A Home Gym Believer

May 2020, my gym closed. I went for days and then for weeks without getting a workout in, My weight scale was doing this yo-yo thing that was making me nervous. By this time, we had 3 months of lockdown and I had to figure out something else or COVID-19 was going to

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Cheat. Cheat. Cheat

I picked up one of my breakfast bars (you know, the type with lots of marshmallows in it) and before you know it. I was chomping it down. And if that wasnt bad enough. I ate a second one. Well, tomorrow is another day. And I’ll make it up then.

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Weight Loss Plateau

So, it’s been 4 months since I started this diet. And I’ve reached a plateau. I’ve maintained the weight loss from the first few months (about 14 lbs). I just haven’t lost any additional weight. I did make some more changes to my diet since I started. Maybe this is why? After reading the recommendation from the American Heart Association

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So, the Apple Cider Vinegar diet did not work for me

Hands up, who’s tried the Apple Cider Vinegar to lose weight? My trusted advisor at a local health store told me that this might accelerate my goal to get that bikini body. Yes, I’m looking back at my glory days in my 20s. I said why not. It is a by-product of a fruit – the all famous

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Losing Weight is Hard but I am doing it

I lost 5 lbs

I am walking on sunshine baby!!!! I almost hugged the first person I saw after I weighed myself this morning at my gym. But then, that wouldn’t be right….. 🙂 So, now back to reality. It’s been a very long 2 1/2 months since I started to take control of my weight. It’s been a real struggle emotionally and physically.

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Fitness Gyms – For Women Only Vs. Coed

I remember walking into the biggest canadian fitness chain 20 years ago, and signing up for a lifetime membership. Fitness World had clubs in every Vancouver Lower Mainland city. I paid an absurd amount of money as deposit. And then a monthly payment plan for another 3 years of about $30.00 CDN.

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Which popular diet has worked for you?

Dieting is never going to be a one stop solution. We all know that and understand that. But to have all these choices? And all these complicated programs? Sure, we all need to have sets of rules in order to achieve the goal

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