Fitness Gyms – For Women Only Vs. Coed

I remember walking into the biggest canadian fitness chain 20 years ago, and signing up for a lifetime membership. Fitness World had clubs in every Vancouver Lower Mainland city. I paid an absurd amount of money as deposit. And then a monthly payment plan for another 3 years of about $30.00 CDN. After that was done, another $12.00 a month to maintain. Imagine how much money I have given this company!

In the last 13 years, they have expanded. Bigger locations, state of the art machines, specialty exercise classes. You name it, they’ve got it. Fitness World started a section in every gym JUST FOR LADIES. It wasnt a huge area, but just the same, you no longer had to do squat and lounges in front of everyone on the treadmill.

About a decade ago, I discovered Just Ladies Fitness. A chain of gyms that cater to women only. Because of my new schedule at work, it was almost impossible for me to maintain a good workout regiment. So, I had to find a back up plan. This back up plan was just right across the street from my old apartment. And what a difference I found! The atmosphere is more laid back. You dont see women with heavy make up, matching outfits and smelling like they just piled the perfume on. You see everyday women, who do everyday things. Big, Small, Tall, Thin. The fitness exercises from cardio to machines and seminars are designed just for women. The trainers are very good, and there are no big line ups for the machines.

I guess I am still maintaining my Fitness World membership plus my $50.00 a month Just Ladies Fitness. That, however, is very much worth every single penny.

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