I lost 5 lbs

Losing Weight is Hard but I am doing it

I am walking on sunshine baby!!!! I almost hugged the first person I saw after I weighed myself this morning at my gym. But then, that wouldn’t be right….. 🙂

So, now back to reality. It’s been a very long 2 1/2 months since I started to take control of my weight. It’s been a real struggle emotionally and physically. I felt it was hard to start documenting this weight loss journey when I couldn’t see any positive results. And, everything was much harder this time around to get with the program. I tried every trick in my weight loss bible – like visualizing yourself skinny and weight loss supplements – just didn’t want to work. So I started. Then I stopped. Then I started again. DEPRESSING.

However, recently in the last week my body seems to be getting onboard with this weight loss purpose. It is not much – I lost only 5 pounds …. but wow! I am celebrating this win and all the challenges that came with it. I believe my body is adjusting and I will probably see some more fluctuation in my weight in next 2 weeks.

What has made the difference this time around is that I changed my eating habits around new RULES. I just have 5 simple rules. (1) I eat a bigger breakfast now. (2) I try to eat carbs before noon. (3) No meals or snacks after 5PM. (4) Walk my 10K steps until my Fitbit is happy. (5) Sleep by 10PM. I am the worst in following rules. I started with this concept – it takes 21 days to form a habit and I didn’t start easy. I tried to form 5 habits at the same time with these 5 simple rules.

I feel great. More energized in the morning. For the first time in months, I’ve started to sleep right through the night. Which is so fantastic. Oh, the potential …..

I am ready for the next step. Any suggestions?

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