So, the Apple Cider Vinegar diet did not work for me

Hands up, who’s tried the Apple Cider Vinegar to lose weight?

My trusted advisor at a local health store told me that this might accelerate my goal to get that bikini body. Yes, I’m looking back at my glory days in my 20s.

I said why not. It is a by-product of a fruit – the all famous an apple a day keeps the doctor away. It’s natural with benefits backed by science says Healthline. And, Kim Kardashian and other celebrities are big fans. So I became a proud owner of my first apple cider vinegar with high hopes that this spoonful of magic will chase the fat away.

DAY 1 – A bit of a taste test. First thing in the morning – 1 teaspoon shot. Taste terrible. After taste even worse. Tomorrow I probably should take it with water.

DAY 2 – Not to be gross but the gunk inside my intestines (maybe last year’s McDonald’s french fries?) have come out during the morning trip to the washroom. Wow. that alone made me feel lighter. Really. Seriously. Lighter. Took two teaspoons with a glass of water. Doesn’t taste too bad. I read somewhere I should use honey for taste. Mental note get some honey from the store.

DAY 3 – It’s really bad for your overall health if you are constipated. This causes bad bacteria growth in your digestive system that can cause bloating and infections. My experience (and I’m not an expert) is that apple cider vinegar makes me feel like my gut health is making a recovery. Yes, the trip this morning to the washroom was great. Feeling creative so I will make a spare rib pork recipe using apple cider vinegar. Don’t try it. All went to the trash can. What a waste.

DAY 4 – Weighed myself and 2 pounds less. Creativity aside, made my drink and added some honey to purge the taste. I’m beginning to think I found the magic.

DAY 5 – Read my news with the morning drink. Vertigo started a few hours later. Then the headache, some chest congestion and pounding heartbeat. I rested for awhile but it didn’t go away.

Day 6 didn’t happen. I woke up the next day feeling tired and weak. This went on for a week until one day I needed help getting off the bed. I made the trip to the local hospital’s emergency ward and they were back to giving me IV bags of Potassium.

Yes, I should mention that I have a chronic nutritional deficiency – hypokalemia with dangerously low Potassium levels and I have to take a supplement daily to keep the headaches and tiredness away. Hypokalemia can lead to paralysis and respiratory failure – this is when this nutritional deficiency can become a medical health issue.  If I only did my research first, I would have learned that apple cider vinegar decreases potassium levels.  This is not good for me.

So, here’s what I am saying …. there are no short cuts to losing weight. This takes hard work and being committed. Sure, we might see some magic happen with all these diet supplement fads but what are you trading for with each pound lost? These are time wasters and can harm your health – like this dietician says.

I wanted to share my experience. Drop me a comment if you’ve tried apple cider vinegar before and how it worked for you. Please like this post if you enjoyed reading this article?

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  1. Apple Cider Vinegar does work. The taste is not the greatest if you drink it pure or put it in water. There are so many recipes you can do. You can experiment.

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