Weight Loss Plateau

TheBikiniBodyDiet.com Weight loss Plateau

So, it’s been 4 months since I started this diet. And I’ve reached a plateau.

I’ve maintained the weight loss from the first few months (about 14 lbs). I just haven’t lost any additional weight. I did make some more changes to my diet since I started. Maybe this is why?

After reading the recommendation from the American Heart Association in June, I decided to stop eating carbs. I expected it to be a bigger deal and for it to be harder but it really wasn’t. Since I started my weight loss plan in May, I already limited my carb foods only to the mornings. Maybe this is the reason for the 14 lb weight loss.

And, another change – instead of just 20 minutes cardio, now I do an hour per workout session. I am building more muscle because I add lifting heavier weights with my cardio. I have forgotten that I was quite active in my younger years and I get muscle development easy, being a previous athlete. I can really feel the positive changes in my body.

So, here is the current list of my diet rules:

  1. Eat a proper breakfast
  2. No food after 7:30PM
  3. No pop or soda drinks
  4. Workout 4 days a week

It’s not a big list. And that’s why I’ve no problems sticking to it. I’ll just have to monitor my weight loss in the next few months to see if I am still experiencing this plateau and if I need to tweak it. I should really post before and after photos …. maybe in the near future.

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