How COVID-19 Made Me A Home Gym Believer

May 2020, my gym closed.  I went for days and then for weeks without getting a workout in.  My weight scale was doing this yo-yo thing that was making me nervous.  By this time, we had 3 months of lockdown and I had to figure out something else or COVID-19 was going to make me even more miserable with the weight gain.

Since running was the only game in town.  I tried it.  Almost every day, I made myself go out there (with my mask).  The first few weeks was terrible.  When your body needs the most oxygen, running with my mask on was not making it possible.  And, I’d like to say it got better but it did not.  I gave it a chance and it was an epic fail.  My body was saying maybe I shouldn’t just eat anymore when I can’t have enough momentum to burn calories.  Hmmmmm…… I thought about it and then I didn’t think about it.  I love food way too much to even consider adding to the craziness.

So, one day I decided to sell my kitchen table and chairs.  I had this grand plan to buy a treadmill and an elliptical.  After I sold my table and chairs, I started looking for my “wish List”.  Ah, it was not to be. The COVID-19 void sucked up all the gym equipment into a big black void.  All stores everywhere in North America were sold out.  The ones COVID didn’t take into the big black voide, well – shame on you folks – owners were selling for more than the cost they originally bought me for!  My sister……  My sister, tried to sell me her 10-year-old treadmill for $1,000.  Really?!

My dining area sat empty for months. Then some more months…..  I got on every wait list out there, from Bowflex to Walmart.  If there was a waiting list – I was on it.  Then, one sunny afternoon while in contemplation of how life can do this to me, I got a call from Bowflex and they had a Max Trainer M6 for me.  EXCITING NEWS, indeed.

Next thing on my list – find the right floor mats to protect my hardwood floor.  I went from store to store and got a lot of foam options.  Not only did they look like they will shred in no time, but to be honest with you, they were darn ugly.  If I was to pay good money, why foam?  And, why choose ugly?  I did try to look online for more options but still seeing a lot of foam.  It took a few weeks or so, and I found the right ones!  They were beautiful, stylish and interlocked!  In case you are interested, got them from Rymar, a local store in Burnaby – I picked up QuicPrep from Lifeproof at Home Depot to layer underneath the tiles. Look how sexy they look and works pleasingly well with my open floor concept home decor.

Five more months passes by and I forget about all the wait lists that I got myself on. May 2021 comes and Flaman Fitness told me my wait is over for my treadmill. Wow. Wow. Wow. I just wasn’t so prepared to as how huge this home treadmill is – it has a 22″W x 60″L track. It’s also pretty fancy with so many workout options on the screen. I was one of the first to get the latest and greatest Bowflex Treadmill 22. She is a real beauty. She is worth every penny. My scale totally agrees.

Now, some of you might ask – was it worth it to spend this much? The answer to this is ABSOLUTELY! I work from home now and I spend longer hours sitting and working. No more trips to the other side of the building to chat with friends at the office. No more walking up and down stairs to get to the parking lot. It’s amazing how many calories we burn and how many steps we make during a day just doing mundane tasks pre-COVID. Today, I’d be lucky to be unglued from my computer screen or taking a 5 minute break from answer calls. I am glued to my seat for at least 7 hours of the day. Then, the best part of the day comes….. I watch my TV shows as I work my butt off on the treadmill and the max trainer a little bit over an hour each day.

If you have any questions about my Bowflex machines, let me know? I will be happy to answer them for you and maybe share some videos of my workouts.

Be good to yourself!

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