ABS To Die For – How to Get Awesome Abs

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  • Introduction to Healthy Abs for Men and Women
  • Ab Basics
  • Ab Exercises
  • Routines All Levels
  • Trainer Tips
  • Ab Resources
  • Self-Help Guide – Getting and Staying Motivated


This guide presents basic information about healthy abdominal muscles, referred to throughout as “abs,” for men and women. It seeks to dispel hype while focusing on reality.

For instance, will the latest exercise gadget on early morning television cable channels, also referred to as infomercials, really bring you “ape abs” or other such nonsense in a week, if you use it mega-times a day? Seriously doubtful.

Why? Mainly because of fat. If a person carrying a lot of extra weight does dozens or even hundreds of exercises a day with the latest gadget, for example, crunches, he or she may develop strong abs. However, a lot of fat will still be hiding them, because nearly half the body fat is lying right under the skin, while the rest is within the muscles themselves. And those exercises and gadgets will not eliminate this unwanted fat. Not all by themselves, that is.

The reality is that firming-up abs is the result of the production of muscle contractions by the stimulation of the nerves that control the muscle fibers. The “ape abs” or increased muscle tissue that result, along with a low enough body fat percentage, allows people to see some definition and shape of the muscles. This takes the place of the former flabby areas.

In other words, you cannot grab a gadget and spot-reduce or focus only on one area like the abs (at least without liposuction, that is). Since the entire body works together like a huge organ, when you combine a regular scheduled health and fitness program, your body will naturally shed the extra weight and fat all over- including the ab area – while it maintains a low enough body-fat percentage. We’ll discuss more of this in a basic program here; a combination of aerobic exercises with strength training and healthy eating habits.

This guide will present you with complete program that covers ab basics, ab exercises with routines for all levels – from beginners to advanced, along with sections focused on trainer tips, ab resources for more information and a Self-Help Guide to help with Getting and Staying Motivated. The common goal is to help you learn more about healthy abs for men and women.

Note that the contents here are not presented from a medical practitioner, and that any and all health care planning should be made under the guidance of your own medical and health practitioners. The content within only presents an overview of ab research for educational purposes and does not replace medical advice from a professional physician.

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