ABS To Die For – How to Get Awesome Abs

LOG – Customize and print out the form below to get started with your own journal to success. Monitor your workouts, eating habits and more. Insert motivational saying by searching “Motivational quotes” in your favorite search engine.

For the Week of:_________________

Workout Group / Reps / Intensity / Duration

Meals / Snacks:

Vitamins / Supplements/ Misc / Recipes:


Workout Log: week of _______________________________________________________

Goals / objectives

Warm Up & Cool Down Activities / Stretches


ExerciseSetIntensity LevelRepeatNotes

Notes :

In conclusion, it’s now up to you to incorporate ab basics, ab exercises with
routines for all levels – from beginners to advanced, trainer tips, ab resources for more information and the Self-Help Guide forms tailored to fit your program and other information into your daily routine. The common goal is to help you learn more about healthy abs for men and women. Putting the information into practice is up to you!

This e-book is written by Georgette Pann,
Ace certified Personal Trainer,IFA certified Sports Nutrition

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