ABS To Die For – How to Get Awesome Abs


Need to drop some pounds in a hurry? Here is a 16-minute, power packed cardio-sculpt circuit that combines resistance and aerobic moves. If you’re looking for maximum results in minimum time, this is it.

To being, warm up by doing the entire circuit once – – slowly. Do each of the following exercises for 30 seconds, resting for 16-seconds in between. After the first set, speed up your pace and repeat.

Repeat the entire program 3 days a week. And be sure to rest a day in between each time.

Jumping Jack Jumps – The goal of this exercise is to increase the heart rate and tone the abs. With your arms at your sides and feet flat on floor (about hip width apart), sit atop an inflated exercise ball. Stay seated and bounce / jump with your feet out to the sides, bringing your arms up and out in a V (like a jumping jack). Bounce again. Return arms and legs to start position. Repeat.

Leg Balance – The goal of this exercise is to strengthen the back and tone the abs and legs. Hold a 5- to 8-lb dumbbell in each hand while balancing on your right leg. Your left leg, torso, and head should be parallel to floor; your arms down straight at your sides. Pull dumbbells toward your chest while squeezing your shoulder blades together, with elbows remaining close to the body and the back remaining flat. Lower slowly. Repeat for 15 seconds. Then repeat balancing on left leg.

Curl Squats – The focus of this exercise is to sculpt the legs, rear and biceps.
With feet hip-width apart, stand holding 3- to 5-lb dumbbells at your sides. Bend your knees and, keeping knees behind your toes, squat down until your thighs about parallel the floor. Return to a standing position, curling dumbbells toward your shoulders. Meanwhile, contract your glutes, lifting and lowering your left leg behind you. Return to squat. Continue, alternating legs.

Squat Walks – The goal of this exercise is to increase the heart rate and firm the glutes and legs. With your feet shoulder-width apart, loop an exercise band tight around both ankles. Then keeping knees behind toes, squat down until your thighs are nearly parallel to floor. Hold. Take 8 steps to the right, maintaining tension in the band. Stand, squat, then walk left. Alternate sides.

Alternative Push-Ups – The goal of this exercise is to strengthen the chest and tone the triceps and shoulders. With your body in a straight line from head to knees, kneel on floor you’re your hands directly underneath your shoulders. Bend your elbows out to your sides. And lower your torso slowly to the floor. Hold. Then press back up to the start position. For advanced workouts: do push-ups on your toes instead of your knees.

Stair Tapping – The goal of this exercise is to increase the heart rate and sculpt the rear and legs. Stand in front of a staircase. Place your right foot on first step. With hands on your hips or arms reaching out in front of you for balance, bend the right leg slightly and lift your left leg up. Tap your toes on the step. Then lower your left leg and tap your toes on the floor. Repeat 5 times – quickly. Switch legs and continue. Alternating legs during reps.

Hop Switches – The goal of this exercise is to increase the heart rate and tone the shoulders and abs. Begin in a full push-up position with hands directly under the shoulders. Bend your right leg forward toward your chest. Extend your left leg straight behind you. With your back and neck in a line and your abdominals tight, hop and alternate legs, bringing your left foot forward, sending your right leg back.

This e-book is written by Georgette Pann,
Ace certified Personal Trainer,IFA certified Sports Nutrition

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