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How COVID-19 Made Me A Home Gym Believer

May 2020, my gym closed. I went for days and then for weeks without getting a workout in, My weight scale was doing this yo-yo thing that was making me nervous. By this time, we had 3 months of lockdown and I had to figure out something else or COVID-19 was going to

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Cheat. Cheat. Cheat

I picked up one of my breakfast bars (you know, the type with lots of marshmallows in it) and before you know it. I was chomping it down. And if that wasnt bad enough. I ate a second one. Well, tomorrow is another day. And I’ll make it up then.

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Weight Loss Plateau

So, it’s been 4 months since I started this diet. And I’ve reached a plateau. I’ve maintained the weight loss from the first few months (about 14 lbs). I just haven’t lost any additional weight. I did make some more changes to my diet since I started. Maybe this is why? After reading the recommendation from the American Heart Association

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Losing Weight is Hard but I am doing it

I lost 5 lbs

I am walking on sunshine baby!!!! I almost hugged the first person I saw after I weighed myself this morning at my gym. But then, that wouldn’t be right….. 🙂 So, now back to reality. It’s been a very long 2 1/2 months since I started to take control of my weight. It’s been a real struggle emotionally and physically.

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Fitness Gyms – For Women Only Vs. Coed

I remember walking into the biggest canadian fitness chain 20 years ago, and signing up for a lifetime membership. Fitness World had clubs in every Vancouver Lower Mainland city. I paid an absurd amount of money as deposit. And then a monthly payment plan for another 3 years of about $30.00 CDN.

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